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Classic Series Shells

Classic Series shells are the daVille Drumworks flagship line featuring a traditional straight-walled design with no reinforcing rings. These shells produce a classic and pure sound that is at home in any musical situation. Snare shells that pop, yet are sensitive to light sticking. Tom and Kick shells produce tight full tones. These shells are the choice for players looking for a more focused sound with increased projection.

Shell Thickness - 
Toms:  3/8" (9.5mm)
Bass drums up to 20":  7/16" (11mm) 
Bass drums 22"-24":  1/2" (12.7mm)
Snare drums: 3/8" (9.5mm) or 1/2" (12.7mm)

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Resonate Series Shells

Fast becoming the preferred shell, the Resonate Series feature a thinner shell with a milled reinforcing ring. These shells produce a full and complex sound reminiscent of vintage American drums.

Snare shells resonate freely, with a wider tuning range to help in finding that fatter tone at lower tunings and good sensitivity at higher tunings. Tom and Kick shells produce a slightly lower fundamental pitch, full tone and a bit wider tuning range as well. About 25% lighter in weight than classic shells, these shells are for players looking for a more resonate sound with deeper tones. Highly recommended for building a great studio kit.

Shell Thickness - 
Toms and snares up to 14":  1/4" (7mm)
Toms and bass drums 15" up to 20":  5/16" (8mm) 
Bass drums 22"-24":  3/8" (9.5mm)

Toms and snares feature a 1" tall reinforcing ring. Floor toms feature a 1 1/4" tall reinforcing ring. Bass drums feature a 1 1/2" tall reinforcing ring. When using full-length tube lugs, use lugs that are at least 3 1/2" less than the length of the shell on toms, and at least 4 1/2" less than the length of the shell on bass drums. 

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In-Stock Shells

Looking for quick delivery and discounted pricing? 
Shells in the most popular species and most popular sizes are IN STOCK and ready for delivery.



Shells are available with a number of standard and custom options including alternating staves and feature stripes. For pricing and options, please visit the secure Shopping SiteSee the Gallery for examples of custom work.

Contact me directly for questions and quotes on custom options not available on the Shopping Site.

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Available Sizes

Tom Shells:
10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18"

Bass Drum Shells:
18", 20", 22", 24"

Snare Drum Shells:
12", 13", 14" 

Shells are available in sizes up to square (10x10, 12x12, etc.), to a maximum depth of 20". Minimum depth on Resonate Series is 4.5". All shells are sanded to 180 grit, and ready for finishing and edges.


Shells are offered in a wide variety of domestic and exotic woods. I currently inventory 20 or more wood species that are in demand for drum shells. Take a look at the list of  Available Species on which wood species are currently available.


I offer a full array of services including bearing edges, snare beds, drilling for hardware and several options for finishing. Please visit the Services page for more information.

Production Time

Snare shells with standard options will have a 3-4 week production time.
Kits and multiple shells will have a 6-8 week production time. Certain species, custom options and clear coat finishing may require a longer production time.