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Classic Hoops

Classic Hoops are traditional style hoops that sit on top of the head hoop collar and requires a claw for tensioning.

Tom and snare Classic hoops are 4 ply,  5/16" (7.5mm) x 1 1/16" tall and are not recommended for high tension use. Bass drum Classic hoops are 4 ply 11/32" (8.5mm) x 1 1/2" tall. All classic hoops come with one edge is squared, one edge with a full round over.


Hide-A-Head Hoops

Hide-A-Head Hoops are similar to our Classic Hoops, but  feature an outer apron that covers the metal collar of the drum head, creating a cleaner appearance on the drum. These hoops are used for snare, tom and kick drums, but not recommended for high tension use.

Tom and snare Hide-A-Head are 4 ply, 3/8" (9mm) x 1 1/4" tall, and will need the use of lug spacers or bass drum lugs.  Bass drum Hide-A-Head are 4 ply, 3/8" (9mm) x 2" tall, and will need the use of lug spacers. One edge is squared, one edge has a full round over.

thick ply hoops.png

Thick Ply Hoops

Thick Ply hoops give you the feel and functionality of traditional metal hoops, but with the beauty and tone of traditional wood hoops.

Thick Ply hoops at 13/16” (21mm), 11 ply.

Thick Ply hoops are drilled to receive standard tension rods, with no need for claws. They are cut to hide the head collar and feature a shaped top edge.


WorldMax Hoops

We stock a selection of Worldmax maple ply bass drum hoops for quick delivery and discounted pricing.



Hoops are available with a number of standard and custom options including snare gates, custom ply lay-ups, inlay grooves, custom inlays and clear-coat finishing. For pricing and options, please visit the secure Shopping Site.

When it comes to custom options, your imagination is the only limit. See the Gallery for examples of custom work.

Contact me directly for questions and quotes on custom options or species not available on the Shopping Site.

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Available Sizes

Tom/Snare Hoops:
10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18"

Bass Drum Hoops:
16", 18", 20", 22", 24"

All hoops are sanded to 180 grit, and ready for finishing. All Tom/Snare hoops are available with optional snare gates.


Hoops are available in most of the species available for our shells, but some species are not available due to difficulty bending them. For a complete list of species available for hoops, please visit the secure Shopping Site.

Production Time

Hoops with standard options will have a 3-6 week production time. Certain species, custom options and clear coat finishing may require a longer production time.