Custom Drum Services

Not just raw shells, I offer all the services necessary to complete your drums. When ordering from the Shopping Site, please choose your services from the list of options. 


Bearing Edges

Perfect bearing edges is an important element of a good drum sound. Choose from a variety of precisely cut edge profile choices are available to fit your musical needs.

Full Round Over

This edge produces a full-bodied sound and allows more contact area with the shell which allows maximum transfer of energy through the shell. This creates a more controlled focused sound with more emphasis on the sound of of the shell. Typically requested for kick drum batter and reso edges, but is gaining popularity for use on snare batter edges.

45 Round Over

A 45 degree edge with a roundover creates a classic sound with a nice balance of shell resonance and head tone.  Outer rounded edges available from 1/8” to 3/8” in 1/16” increments. The standard daVille recommended edge is 3/16” for snare and tom shells, and 1/4” on Kick shells.


A 45 degree edge combined with a 45 degree counter cut (outer edge) allows more resonance and adds over-ring with an emphasis on head tone. Precision cut sharp edge, then slightly flattened and hand eased at the apex. A very popular edge.

30 Round Over

The 30 degree edge with a round over is the classic edge used on most vintage American drums. This edge gives you a punchy attack, with controlled head tone and resonance. 


A 30 degree edge combined with a 30 degree counter cut (outer edge) is similar to our 45/45 edge. However, the shallower apex provides slightly more control over sustain and over-ring. 


Layout and Drilling
for Hardware

I will gladly layout and drill all of the holes necessary for attaching your hardware (lugs, brackets, mounts, vents, strainers, butts and spurs)  to your shells. This saves you the time required to precisely layout the holes, and the worry of getting it wrong. Leave it to me to ensure that everything is perfect when you receive your shells. 

Please note: I must have samples of your hardware in hand before drilling. 


Clear Coat Finishing

I offer the following options for clear coat finishing on shells (click to enlarge):

Please note: Delivery time will vary depending on the finish you choose. 

Semi-gloss Tung Oil

Satin Lacquer

Gloss Lacquer

High-gloss Polyester

Tung Oil

A rich looking low gloss finish that allows the texture of the grain to be seen and felt, yet silky smooth to the touch. Three applications inside, six applications outside, with progressively finer sanding between applications. Allow two extra weeks for application and curing time.

Satin & Gloss Lacquer

Oil is first applied to enhance the grain, then sealed and sanded smooth with the final applications of catalyzed lacquer in your choice of a low sheen Satin or Gloss finishes. Interiors are sealed and waxed smooth. Allow an extra four weeks for application and curing time.

High-gloss Polyester

The Cadillac of high gloss mirror like finishes. If you want a durable, high gloss that rivals the most expensive top of the line drum kits, this is your choice. This extremely durable, scuff resistant 2 part polyester finish is wet sanded and buffed to a deep, mirror like, high gloss. Interiors are sealed and waxed smooth. Allow an additional 8 weeks for application, cure, wet sand and buffing time.