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Welcome to daVille Drumworks      

Who is daVille Drumworks?

I'm Terry Thompson, the owner and craftsman that comprise daVille Drumworks, a custom drum shop located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. My company was born in 2006 comprising my two passions, over 35 years as both a wood worker by profession and time spent behind a drum kit. In 2008 I narrowed my focus to building the highest quality stave drum shells and hoops available, and I treat every piece I handcraft as if it were being built for myself.

Having shipped hundreds of shells to drum builders across the US and more than two dozen countries around the world, you may have already seen, heard or played a drum built with a daVille shell. Whether you need a shell to build your first stave drum, prefer to purchase in quantities, or perhaps your drum shop is looking to produce a custom signature drum in multiple species to set your company apart from the crowd,  daVille Drumworks is here to help make that happen. 

Why Stave?

Stave shells are fabricated from strips of solid wood, laid up vertically in the same fashion a cooper constructs a barrel, then turned to exacting specifications. This is far different from the majority of drum shells on the market that use multiple horizontal ply's, or one piece steam bent shells. Where a ply shell is constructed by layering multiple thin sheets of wood with glue applied between each ply, or a steam bent shell being heated and curved under stress to form a cylinder, a stave shell is made from solid wood pieces, called stave's and edge glued vertically in its natural state. By constructing solid wood shells in this fashion, it eliminates the deadening effect of multiple layers of glue and introduces no unnatural stress on the wood after bending. Having the bearing edges placed on the end grain also allows for maximum transfer of energy down and through the wood fibers. The advantages can clearly be heard in the natural resonance and projection stave shells can produce.
Services Offered?

Start with the basic shell, fabricated from the species of your choice. Feature stripes and bands in a verity of species can be added to compliment your personal taste. From there I offer a variety of services to help you complete your drum build from milling edges, drilling, clear finishes, to complete snare drums and drum kits. I also fabricate both Kick drum hoops, along with Snare and Tom hoops in most species to match your shells. Whatever your needs or skill level, daVille Drumworks can help in bringing your drum(s) from desire to reality. Take your time and browse the site to find out more about wood species offered, and the custom shells and hoops I can provide.

Contact me today at with questions or your shell specifications to get your order underway!

Terry Thompson
daVille Drumworks
13588 Hwy 44 East
Taylorsville, KY 40071

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