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About daVille Drumworks

I'm Terry Thompson, the owner and craftsman at daVille Drumworks, a custom drum shop located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Working in the family cabinet business during the day since the age of 16 and playing the local club scene at night through my 20's and early 30's, I eventually became more focused on my family and a fast growing cabinet business while music took a backseat. After my Dad's retirement and becoming the owner for the next 8 years I sold that business in 1998 after 24 years total. I wanted to do other things. Once out of the cabinet business my woodworking passion still burned and I began playing regularly again, but more for my enjoyments sake. 

DaVille Drums was born in 2006 comprising my two passions: now at more that 35 years as both a wood worker by profession and time spent behind a drum kit. Beginning as more of a hobby, but my ever curious mind always looking for better, more efficient way to produce  products, I developed techniques and designed and built several custom built machines for the specialized needs to consistently turn high quality shells. I found there was a need in the custom drum market for a quality supplier of stave shells, and wood hoops. Products that could be ordered in "one off" and "quantity" fashion in a wide range of species on dependable timelines, so in 2008 I narrowed my focus to building the highest quality stave drum shells and hoops available. By 2011 there was considerable buzz around the daVille brand and orders coming into daVille had grown to a point that I took the plunge into full time building, and I treat every piece I handcraft as if it were being built for myself.

Having now shipped thousands of shells and hoop sets to drum builders and several major drum companies across the US and more than 40 countries around the world, you may have already seen, heard or played a drum built with a daVille shell.  Whether you need a shell to build your first stave drum, prefer to purchase in quantities, or perhaps your drum shop is looking to add a new drum line without having to invest in material and inventory, or produce a custom signature drum in multiple species to set your company apart from the crowd,  daVille Drumworks is here to help make that happen.